Thursday, July 07, 2011

Learning about money

Lately K has been playing with coins, adding and subtracting to figure out how to get to a dollar using the different coins. She has actually been really enjoying it.

On Tuesday, K decided to take her money to the store to buy something... We headed to Target and K asked to stop in the hot spot... so bummed that ever came into existence... anyway we wandered over to the spot and she found a light up caterpillar... very exciting and an absolute must have. K picks one out for both her and C... We continue to walk around the store with all our money in our purse... really every penny and nickel. Anyway she picks up a pillow pet... how much is this $13. her response "why, it is so small and should only be  $1" We continue on to buy goggles. K "How much are these?" I respond by saying they are 9. Her response "they should be $2" and on it went throughout the store.

When we got to the checkout I offered to pay for C's caterpillar. I told her I thought it was nice she was willing to buy for her sister, but that I was ok to pay. She refused got out her $2 and paid... very cute...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few changes as C turns two...

Being away for a lot of April helped me see all the differences in C as she turned two… most notable things:

The start of running (ok it looks like more like galloping as she is still leading with her right foot.)
Almost being able to jump, well almost
The end of nursing try two…  C is not ready to give it up and I am not sure I am either
Amazing language development… now she can say three word sentences like I got it, deedee no is still a favorite (translation K no normally with a lot of passion)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Counting and singing

Earlier this weekend K was trying to teach C take me out to the ballgame… here is how it went

K Take

C Take

K Me

C Me

K Out

C Out

K Too

C Three

Lots of laughter…

Another try later in the weekend

K Take

C Take

K Me

C Me

K Out

C Out

K Too

C One

More laughter!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A lot of love and a lot of energy!

Hand me downs may be the best...

K still loves dolls a lot! Now instead of changing our babies we have them line up for school... For her bday we found a teacher set and so she teaches her children, moves them from green to yellow on her little poster based on behaviour and teaches, well quite a lot! If we are lucky we get to be the teacher assistant... So when an email from a girl in the mom's group offering more accesories I jumped on it... more doll stuff, perfect! Especially as K is telling C she has no choice but to love dolls... really no choice at all... This evening K and C spent the evening changing outfits on their dolls... we had to pull them away to eat and pull them away for their baths... after all their babies had never seen tutus and ski coats or even riding gear.... So now all the baby stuff is in a pile in the middle of the living room. C is sleeping with her fancy fancy baby... and K is sleeping with 200 of her favorite babies... C was horrified that her baby didn't have shozs on, but luckily I pointed out she doesn't get to sleep with shoes... and so neither does her baby. I am guessing our standard morning routine will be a little more crazy. After all, we will have to change the babies, dress, change the babies, eat, change the babies pack the backpack... well you know what we will be doing! K is in heaven... and so of course C is as well.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


This weekend was one of those moments where we remembered just how lucky we are to  have our great Gmas... We had dinner with both Gmas on Fri. Sat I took K for most of the day and T and Gma C spent the day with C so K could do big girl things. Sat night Gma S took K for a sleepover. We put C to bed and because Gma C spent the weekend we headed off to dinner after C was asleep.... Sun morning we picked K up from the farmers market after her sleepover had a wonderful family morning and put C down for a nap. K played with Gma C we had a coupley lunch and walk... Feeling very lucky that are Gmas are part of our lives and really grateful that sometimes we can have the family cover the girls for us! Thank you Gmas for being the best.


St Patty's day was much bigger than I realized it would ever be... K has been insisting leprechauns are real...

One day she wrote a note to Lou (the leprechaun) asking him to explain to her where he was hiding. I put the crayon away and she burst into tears... thinking she was tired and overreacting I tried to send her to bed... first was required to get the crayon out... still thinking she was tired I forgot about the incident and the note. The next morning she found a response... the answer was from Lou.. it said I am hiding in the bushes... I mentioned my suprise but she said she wrote it, but Lou was in the bushes... Today while bringing up her lunchbag she mentioned she and a friend found a piece of candy on the ground... she couldn't eat it and was holding it as you guessed it Lou left it for her. So Lou is our leprechaun and he is real... but now I need to figure out a way to have Lou leave something for K...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And the girls continue to grow...

K had her first visit from the tooth fairy... A bit earlier than expected due to a fall at my favorite cafe in Santa Monica, but luckily silly bands makes almost everything better... While playing on a fountain she fell and bumped her tooth loose... lots of tears and blood. Luckily we only lost the loose tooth and the fairy was able to relocate and come to a hotel room with princess silly bands.. K was thrilled! C keeps checking her mouth for loose teeth and pointing at her mouth, happy to report no loose teeth, but a full mouth of baby teeth... which she sometimes uses to bite when she is playing... She thinks it is quiet funny we are not quite as amused.
C was not ready to give up mommy milk and so the frequent checks to see if there was any milk has us nursing together again... I am ok with this... but unlikely to have this last more than a couple weeks due to upcoming travel schedules...

K and C are continuing to play more and more together.. Yesterday they had their first tea party which I had to break up to get C to school...

They are proving to become better driving travelers... after years of avoiding all driving trips we have found that driving at night is much like red eyes and works well for them, but not so well for us... Another wonderful LA weekend as a family.

More to report, but due to sleep deprivation from the 6am boot camps and yoga I can't remember...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Cute moments

I came home to an art gallery... I really mean it... every inch of our banister was covered, the barstools were covered.. and there was an envelope with a love letter and a pic from K (she found a stamp and placed it on the envelope - I had no idea she even knew we used stamps)... she had made lots of love mame and dada letters and pictures... On a sidenote T joined me for a weekend in NYC... pics later, but amazing to enjoy time together in a wonderful city... Pmogi also came along... making for a weekend filled with shopping, museums, eating, umm eating, walking and coffee! But anyway....

K snuck into our bed at 3 Friday night... kept whispering to me as T decided the couch was a more ideal spot for sleep with our bed piggy in residence... K kept chattering and whispering and then worrying she had to be quiet for fear of getting in trouble and then more chattering. She finally dozed off until 6am at which point she brought in all her art projects from the week... and with this new school that means a scary amount of art... we looked at art and more art and I caught up on her week...

C was in shock when I returned and stayed close all weekend.. She wouldn't even let T near her to change diapers... lucky me!! I know.... Anyway she was smiles, giggles and more smiles... This morning was a lot of lip quivering and head burying when I had to drop her to school, but she has been very cuddly otherwise.

Games and moments

And a couple cute things., they love to play cats who have to be adopted... they sit under these chairs waiting for us to take them home... their names little laila and bella rose... this game allows them to eat all sorts of foods otherwise unedible in the form of treats...

C also loves to get ready to go and runs over says bye and miss (for miss you), carries a shopping bag and strains her lips for a kiss... too cute for words...

C has also started to like to run around the island and so they both chase each other and run...

They are enjoying football, unfortunately C doesn't understand that when K takes the ball it is part of the game and just cries... a lot!

C loves to say K's name... she doesn't have any of the letters and continues to believe K's name is dee dee.. Yesterday I tried to pronounce it slowly and asked her to repeat... she just looked at me and said deeeee deee really slowly... as if not sure what my mom is not getting but obviously K is dee dee!

K always listens for C in the mornings and at naps... amazingly after these quiet listening periods outside C's door  C typically ends up awake and ready to play... amazing!

K loves her sister so so much... to watch is amazing... and hard to believe that she can be so sweet...

The end of nursing maybe...

My nursing experience with C was very different from K... K decided around three months the bottle was preferable and not knowing better I let her decide that was ok. C tried the same thing around three months, but the memories of nine months of 5 times a day of pumping just didn't allow her the same luxuries... So instead she eventually gave up trying to fight and decided well to continue nursing well would be ok...

As the one year mark hit I realized we weren't ready to give up nursing. Rather we decided to take on a more mellow routine, every morning and night we nursed and cuddled.... Every month I thought well she would naturally give this up and so I let the routine continue... On this last work trip I decided to be more mellow about the pumping and so when I returned this weekend C and I realized my supply had almost run out... Thinking this would a natural next step I decided we could try and just give it up... So far she is being very brave (I am not) and she keeps checking, sighing and crying a bit, but really trying to understand the change... Last night when she checked again she suggested we read and so we cuddled and read... It is sad to say goodbye to one of the last stages of baby as it has been a sweet experience for both of us.

It is exciting to know I won't be required to perform gymnast moves to read to K while nursing C each morning and rather help C learn to love books as much as K does. In place of K's nursing time we used to spend hours each week reading and so now we will get to do this as a group which is nice... but for now it is hard to believe C is growing up and becoming a young girl... Another nice outcome is the retun to singing and rocking her to bed which I got to do both nights this weekend. KS's signature song is also CH's signature song... thank goodness they have the same syllables in their name and so another routine returns.

Next up on the things to get rid off will be the binky, but I can only tackle one thing a month... or maybe quarter if I really chicken out.